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Amendment 2 battle about to get hot

September 26th, 2016 by Mike Vasilinda

Thousands of slick brochures are showing up in mailboxes across the state. Much like the successful campaign two years ago the mailer tells horror stories about medical marijuana  that saw the initiative losing by less than three points.

Christina Johnson says little has changed since voters last weighed in.

“This is really nothing but recreational pot. I MEAN, The Florida Medical Association, the American Medical Association that are against it” says the No on 2 spokesperson.

A full page of the mailer take shots at Attorney John Morgan, the organizer behind Amendment 2. It recounts one of the Yes campaigns gaff’s when Morgan was on a late night tour of college bars two years ago. Morgan, drink in hand, uses profanity to get his point across.

“If you don’t get out and vote we can’t win” the Amendment 2 backer told the crowd.

And a flurry of emails since Friday from the Yes on 2 campaign ask for money to buy TV, It points out No on 2 has booked more than a million for the first 10 days of October alone.

“With Amendment two, bud tenders will legally deal pot” says one ad.

Yes has out raised No in this pot battle by more than a million dollars, yet No has a million dollars in the bank, but yes, just over a hundred thousand.

Proponent Reggie Garcia says voters shouldn’t be fooled by the claims made in the slick mailer or on  TV.

“There’s ten very specific debilitating medical conditions, so we think there’s a lot of safeguards to trust our doctors” says the Yes on 2 spokesman.

And while No says little has changed, the 2016 version is more strict than the version two years ago.

Much of the NO on 2 money is coming from just several; sources. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson recently dropped a million dollars into the campaign, and Tampa developer and former Ambassador Mel Sembler has also spent a million with a promise of up ten times that much.

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