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Debate Drama may be inconsequential this election cycle

September 27th, 2016 by Mike Vasilinda


Donald Trump’s first campaign stop after last night’s debate is Florida. He will be speaking in Melbourne tonight at 7. Florida is a must win for Trump, while electoral math suggests Clinton can win without the Sunshine state. Still, Clinton and husband Bill will be here in Florida on Friday. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, the unusual dynamics of this election may make the winner or loser of the debates irrelevant.

She called him inexperienced.

“I know how to win” responded Donald Trump.

He called her a Washington insider.

“Whooo” is how Hillary Clinton responded

And It’s not surprising that supporters think their candidate won.

Evan Power supports Trump.

“I think he held his own and was able to exposer as part of the problem having been in Government so long” says the Leon County GOP Chair.

Steve Schale ran Obama’s Florida re-election in 2012,

“I thought she did a great job o baiting him into some bad answers, and frankly, I was surprised at how poorly he pivoted back to what he wanted to talk about” says Schale, who worked to draft Joe Biden to run.

While debates can sometimes help pick a winner or a loser, one political scientist says this year is so strange, the debates may not matter that much.

USF Political scientist Susan MacManus says that people are so fed up with Washington that many have already made their minds up.

“Fear is a big motivating factor in politics and when you are afraid about the economy, and you are afraid about your personal security and you see a Washington leaning Congress doing nothing on either front, you are at a desperation stage and you just say, I don’t care who it is. No matter what they are, it’s my last chance to change something in Washington.And that’s where we’re at” says MacManus

Schale disagrees.

Q:”They just want somebody new?” we asked.

“Yeah, but they also want somebody who is competent somebody who;s got the temperament on the nuclear button to make the good decisions when he needs to” says Schale.

The reality is that Trump must win Florida to win and right now the race is a dead heat.

No Republican has won the White House with winning Florida since Calvin Coolidge did it in 1924. Back then Florida had six electoral votes. Today it has 29.



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