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2016 Too Close to Call?

October 10th, 2016 by Mike Vasilinda

Could there be a repeat of the 2000 election when the vote here in Florida was too close to call for more than a month? As Mike Vasilinda tells us, some inside both political camps say the margin is going to be razor thin.

Trump tallahassee officer manager John Konkus is teaching Joan Rosenberg to make calls on a Trump owned auto dialing computer.

“Hit allow here” he says.

The office opened Saturday in the former headquarters of conservative congressional candidate Mary Thomas. Her campaign stressed family values, but she says she is not backing away from Trump after the release of an embarrassing tape.

“I don’t agree with the comments that were made, I can’t justify them, but Mr. Trump apologized for them” explained Thomas.

The campaign expects the race to be close.

“It’s a tie, and every call that we make out of this office and every door we knock out of this office could be the difference maker” Konkus told us.

A tie would mean a replay of the 2000 election that dragged on more than an month with the eyes of the entire world on Florida.

So, could this street once again be filled with satellite trucks sixteen years later? Some insiders believe the election could be that close.”

too-clsoe-to-call00000008Democrats have filed suit to extend the Tuesday voter registration deadline. Steve Schale predicted two weeks ago the race was headed for a tie. Now, the former Obama Florida director is backing away from that prediction…slightly.

“This thing is definitely moving in Clinton’s direction” says Schale.

Q”So, two weeks ago you said it could be a repeat of 2000. You don’t think that anymore?” We asked.

A:”I still think Florida will be close.”

Mail ballots were a key on the 2000 outcome, and Democrats have also filed suit, seeking a cure to signature problems with mail in ballots.

Florida Democrats filed a law suit in Federal Court late Sunday,a sling the court to extend the registration deadline because of problems created with Hurricane Matthew. A hearing in the case could be held Tuesday.

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