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Grand Jury hears from admitted hit man in FSU Law Professors death

November 29th, 2016 by Mike Vasilinda
A grand jury in the state Capitol has issued a first degree murder indictment for a 31 year old mother of 2. Katherine Magbanua (Mag-Bon-a Wah)  is accused of being the  go between in the murder for hire of an FSU law professor. And, as Mike Vasilinda tells us, prosecutors hope the indictment will lead to others responsible for the professors death.

Renowned FSU law professor Dan Markel was shot point blank in the head as his sat in his car in an upscale Tallassee neighborhood. The was two and a half years ago. In June, two men were charged with the crime.

One of them, Luis Rivera, cut a deal.

“In this you agree that you are going to cooperate and testify truthfully.  Do you understand that?’  asked Circuit Judge Jimmy Hankinson in October. “Yes sir” responded Rivera.

Rivera’s cooperation led to charges against Katie Magbanua. She’s the mother of alleged hit man Sigrid Garcia’s children and the former girlfriend of Charlie Adelson, the brother in law of the slain professor.

Prosecutors hope that indicting her on first degree murder charges will convince her to cooperate as well.

“That’s the only person we are asking them to consider today” prosecutor Georgia Cappleman told us.

Q:’ And she’s the key to further arrests in this case in your mind?”

“She could be” responded the prosecutor.

grand-jury00000006Rivera agreed to tell his story to grand jurors. In police video he testifies he, Garcia, and Magbanua split a hundred thousand dollars for the hit.

He is heard to say “That’s when he said we were coming to kill somebody.”

State Attorney Willie Meggs leaves office in January.
“I don’t know where it will go, but we will follow it where ever it goes” says Meggs.

Police say the motive for the hit was a bitter custody fight over the couples two children.

In addition to the admitted hit man, grand jurors heard from a police investigator and an FBI agent who conducted phone taps on katie Magbanua and accused hit man Sigfredo Garcia.

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