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Teachers union dealt loss by Florida Supreme Court

January 18th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida’s teachers union was dealt a blow, for the third time, a Florida court has rules they do not have standing to challenge the states corporate voucher program. Today’s ruling was from as high as it gets, the Florida supreme Court.  Under the voucher program, corporations give money to private organizations rather than pay taxes to the state, the money is then sent to private schools. Fl. Education Association spokesman Mark Pudlow says the state isn’t living up to it’s obligations when it comes to public schools.

“Why do parents sent their children to these voucher schools?” asks Pudlow.”They are sending them for smaller class size. They’re sending them there because they have a more sane testing system, and they’re sending them there for safety. These are all things we want in our public schools and the Constitution says we need to have a uniform system of public schools, so how about doing that.”

FEA says it will continue to look for ways to achieve standing to challenge the voucher funding scheme, but its options appear limited after the states highest court ruled against them.”

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