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Democrats Stand in Opposition to House Education Package

February 7th, 2018 by Jake Stofan

House Democrats are standing in opposition to the education package pushed by House Speaker Richard Corcoran. At a press conference Democrats called the speaker a bully for holding funding for public schools hostage, unless his Legislation passes.

Democrats say the Education bill is comprised of at least 13 separate proposals, which they say should be vetted individually. Some of those proposals include requiring teachers unions to have at least 50% membership for certification and funding scholarships for bullied public school students to go to private schools. Democrats say it ties the hands of Legislators to either accept everything, or risk losing $8.3 billion dollars for public schools.


“Lets stop bullying the 120 members and the 40 members of the Senate to hear a 2,000 line bill and force it down our that and tell us take it or leave it,” said Representative Shervin Jones, “And then to hold our budget hostage, our children hostage all for political gain is not only insulting, but it is disrespectful to the 20 million people within the state of Florida.”

Minority party leaders vowed all 40 democratic members are ready to debate the bill, in an attempt to stop its passage.

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