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Sketches by Adolph Hitler to Be Sold at Auction in Tallahassee

February 12th, 2018 by Jake Stofan

Years before Adolf Hitler authorized the killing of an estimated 6 million jews in the Holocaust he was a failed artist.

His paintings and drawings can pull in big bucks from history buffs and collectors and  six sketches by the Nazi leader are up for auction in the state’s capital city.


Most artists would consider the sketches to be the work of an amateur, but the signature at the bottom is reason why they carry a price tag between two and four thousand dollars.


“Anytime that you get into the World War II memorabilia situation you’re going to always have the controversial Third Reich Aspect,” said Affiliated Auctions own John Whitworth.

Whitworth is the owner of the sketches. Most are of wooded landscapes. Two are portraits, one of which is believed to be Hitler’s niece.

“These are some kind of obscure, you know more personal, poorly done is always the case, poorly done sketches by him,” said Whitworth.

While the sketches have been authenticated there is some debate as to whether they are real. Whitworth says the signature, style and subpar artistic talent of the pieces are all strong features that point to their validity.

Despite the controversial figure behind the artwork, there’s little controversy over their sale, primarily because of their historical and educational value.

Barbara Goldstein is the founder of the Holocaust Education Resource Council. In education seminars she often touches on Hitler’s early life.

She says the sketches could spark a persons interest to learn more about the history of the Holocaust.


“It might even open some more doors and some minds of saying wow this is something Hitler did, what happened to him,” said Goldstein.

The sketches will go up for auction on March 8th. The auction company believes it will likely be international buyers who take the sketches home.

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