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Gillum and Corcoran Face Off Over Sanctuary Cities

February 13th, 2018 by Jake Stofan

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum faced off against Republican Speaker of the House in debate over the Speaker’s bill to ban sanctuary cities in the state.

While Gillum argued the policy could lead to racial profiling and needlessly created immigration agents out of local law enforcement and even teachers, Corcoran argued the bill simply requires local governments to adhere to Federal immigration law.

The bill requires local law enforcement to hold undocumented immigrants for up to 48 hours at the request of Federal immigration authorities. Gillum says it violates the 4th amendment.

Gillum also took issue with a television advertisement put out by the Speaker depicting a hooded individual gunning down a woman. Gillum demanded an apology for the ad, saying it promotes the stereotyping of immigrants as criminals and that the hooded image was intended to invoke memories of the Trayvon Martin case.

Corcoran attacked Gillum asking him if he would support an all-out sanctuary policy in the state.

Neither got the response they had hoped for from the other.


“He won’t take a stance on making the entire state a sanctuary state and he won’t take a stance on making the entire state not a sanctuary state and that’s what this whole debate was about. I’ll take that stance, I’ll to everybody at anytime. Florida in not one city in not one square mile of Florida should be a sanctuary city,” said Corcoran.


“I think it’s unfortunate. I didn’tt say this there, but the Speaker clearly is intent on appealing to a very very small slice of the Republican primary voter, for a race that he has yet to determine that he wants to enter,” said Gillum.

The sanctuary ban has cleared the House, as it has in years past. It’s currently stalled in the Senate.

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