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Meeting Between Facebook and Florida Attorney General Expected in the Coming Weeks

April 5th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
In the wake of the Cambridge Analyitica scandal where millions of Facebook users had their private information shared with third-party companies without their knowledge Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wants to make sure Floridian’s privacy is intact. 
Anyone using Facebook knows it targets users with advertisements based on their online activity.
It’s a process that helps PR and marketing firms like Sachs Media Group in the State Capitol reach their target audiences.
“We have smart people who know how to use these tools properly and dial up the technology in the right way. It’s ethical and it’s legal when it’s done that way,” said Ron Sachs.
After an estimated 87 million users had private information like their political affiliation and religion shared with third parties without their knowledge or consent, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wants to make sure Floridian’s data isn’t compromised going forward.
“We want to know why this happened and of course we want to prevent it from happening again,” said Bondi.
Bondi is in the process of setting up a meeting with Facebook Executives to address some of the privacy concerns.
“Our privacy in the country and especially in the state of Florida with all the Facebook users is very important and we are going to follow up on that,” said Bondi.
While Facebook shares much of users’ data by default you do have the ability to manage what’s shared.
By going to your information in ads settings you can see your ad data and remove categories you don’t want advertisers to see.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify before two Congressional Panels on April 11th.
Bondi hopes more will come to light about how Facebook handles users’ information between her conversations and Zuckerberg’s testimony.
The Attorney General’s communications team says the details of the meeting are still being worked out, but they hope to schedule it within the coming weeks.

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