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NRA Appeals Jane Doe Ruling

May 18th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

The NRA is back in court tonight in its efforts to overturn a new state law banning firearm purchases to anyone under 21. The advocacy group is appealing a judges decision to deny two 19 year olds to enter the case anonymously. And without the 19 year old’s, the case could be difficult to win.

Five days before the age raising legislation was signed into law, it was a major point of contention for 19 year old Mason Bonowitz at this pro gun rally at the State Capitol.

“Why can’t you have the right to protect your own family?” He asked.

The ink on the Governor’s signature was barely dry when the NRA filed suit to stop the law. Bundles of threatening hate mail began flowing into the NRA’s capitol office.


“We consider some of them real threats” says veteran lobbyist Marion Hammer.

The group asked the federal court to allow two 19 year olds to join the suit anonymously. The judge said no. Now the NRA is asking an appeals court to stop the progress of the suit until the anonymity issue is settled.

Q:”Why shouldn’t she do it publicly?”

“Why should she have to be bullied, harassed, and threatened by hate mongers and gun banners to stand up and exercise her first amendment right” asks Hammer.


At this pawn shop, the impact of raising the age limit has been minimal.

“We had some transactions that we weren’t able to complete because of the changes in the law” pawn broker Alex Folmar told us.



18 year old Justin West had a hunting rifle on layaway when the law changed. 

“If you are 18 and have a hunter safety course and a current hunting license, you can still get a long gun at 18” West told us.”

If the courts don’t allow the 19 year olds to join the suit using a pseudonym, they’ll have to decide what’s more troubling…facing threats or losing their second amendment rights.

Without someone under twenty one  named as plaintiffs in the law suit, it would be difficult for the NRA to argue that someone’s rights were being harmed.

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