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New Poll Shows Only Four out of 13 Constitutional Amendments With Enough Support to Pass

June 11th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
A new poll released by the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows only four out of 13 amendments appearing on the November ballot with the 60% voter approval required for passage.
“Things can change. We’re talking almost six months away where voters will have time to be informed,” said Andrew Wiggins with the Chamber.
The four amendments currently over 60% approval are:
Amendment 1, which would increase the homestead exemption.
Amendment 3, which would give voters more control of gambling in the state.
Amendment 7, which creates new benefits for families of fallen first responders and military members.
And Amendment 8, which would establish term limits for school board members and take away the authority of school districts to approve or deny new charter schools in their jurisdictions.
One of the closest items is Amendment 2, which would limit property tax increases to ten percent for businesses.
The amendment, favored by Florida Realtors, is hovering at 58%…two points shy of passing.
“We already see that a majority of Floridians see how important this is and how it will impact all consumers,” said Carrie O’Rourke with Florida Realtors.
One surprising finding is that only 34% of voters say they would vote yes on requiring a supermajority of the Legislature to approve any new taxes.
The proposal is the brainchild of Governor Rick Scott.
“What people want is a fair tax structure and should this amendment pass we would never be able to make it fair,” said Karen Woodall with the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy.
The long list of amendments on the ballot makes voter fatigue a concern, but nine out of ten voters surveyed say they intend to consider each amendment.
“I think this year, voters are really looking at how they can control what’s happening and they’re going to want to look at each one and what ever gives the voter more input on what happens at a state level is what they’re going to vote for,” said Wiggins.
As of now increased benefits for families of fallen first responders and military members has the highest support with 80% saying they’d vote yes.
Term limits for school board members comes in a close second with 75% approval.
Amendment 10 has the lowest amount of voter support with only 31% saying they’d vote yes.
It would prohibit counties from abolishing certain local offices and add new executive offices to the state constitution.

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