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NRA Lobbyist Sues Five for Cyber Stalking and Threats

July 16th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer is suing five individuals for harassment and cyber stalking.
Following the Parkland shooting where 17 people lost their lives the NRA became a prime target of protestors.
This is what NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer told us back in April.
“The threats are unbelievable against me and my family,” said Hammer.
Hammer spoke in length about the profanity laden emails and letters she received following the valentines day shooting.
“People who say they want to stop violence are threatening violence, who say they want to stop gun violence are threatening to shoot me,” said Hammer in April.
A Federal lawsuit names four individuals.
Another suit in state court targets a Miami-Dade resident.
Hammer is asking for a total of $2 million for attorney’s fees and damages…
Payment she says for her family living in constant fear of harassment and violence.
The 129 page federal lawsuit includes emails Hammer allegedly received and graphic photos of gun shot victims Hammer says were sent to her by people named in the case.
Included in the suit is a copy of a lawsuit seeking anonymity for two young plaintiff’s in the lawsuit against Florida’s new age restrictions on gun purchases.
Hammer told us at the time it was to protect them from the same harassment she’d experienced.
“No one should go through that, particularly a 19-year-old young woman,” said Hammer in May.
We did reach out to Hammer for comment on this story, but she says her lawyers don’t want her taking about a pending case.
Of the five individuals being sued, one lives in California, one in Connecticut, and a third in Miami-Dade.
The residence of the other two is unknown at this time.

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