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Gillum Casts Vote in Tallahassee On Primary Day

August 28th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
All of Florida’s 5,881 precincts were reported open by the Secretary of State’s Office in an e-mail sent at 11 am.
At the same time Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum arrived at his local precinct in the state’s capital city to vote himself.
Gillum became emotional as he described what it felt like to see his name on the ballot.
“You know, watching my mother and father at different times having to struggle between paying the bills to now be in this race and to have my family you know right along side me it’s overwhelming. It’s an overwhelming feeling,” said Gillum.
Gillum’s popularity surged in the final days before the vote, but all of the voters we spoke with had their minds up well before election day.
“Some of them for years,” said Tallahassee voter Sam Shingles.
“I have personal relationships with most of them so I knew exactly who I was voting for,” said voter Yuvonda Stewart.
One of the biggest issues voters we spoke with said mattered to them was gun violence and the second amendment.
“A lot was going on with our young people with the guns and things like that,” said voter Ora Johnson.
“The stand your ground,” said another voter, Sylvia Salvo.
“The second amendment was huge,” said Tallahassee voter Sheila Macdonald.
Another big sticking point was the environment.
“What makes Florida and our natural resources safe from some of the outside influences even at the Federal level,” said voter Sarah McRae.
The latest poll showed Gillum trailing Gwen Graham by nearly seven points.
Gillum says if he does lose he’ll throw his energy behind making sure Democrats win in November.
Because Flordia is In two time zones, the state won’t begin releasing unofficial results until 8PM eastern time when polls in the panhandle close.

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