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Gubernatorial Campaigns Spent Twice as Much Out of State as in State

September 5th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda
Campaign finance records show the seven major contenders in last week’s gubernatorial primary spent a total of just over $127 million.
The candidates spent more than two dollars out of state for every dollar they spent in Florida.
During the primary, Gubernatorial candidates talked up Florida.
“I love Florida. I grew up in Florida. I got married in Florida,” Chris King said in a television ad.
But not enough to spend their money here.
Campaign records show the seven major candidates spent over $85 million out of state and just $41 million here.
“I want to be around the broadcast shows that are likely to have voters, and frequent voters,” said GOP strategist Pete Dunbar. “That would be the morning news programs and things of that nature. Those are all national buys.”
Only Democrat Phil Levine spent big in the state.
He put 24 of his $26 million total in Florida.
He was the only candidate to use home grown television production and media buys.
“Too often people lean on the science than the art,” said democratic strategist Steve Schale. “But it is a mix of the science and the art.”
Schale advised the Gwen Graham Campaign.
He says out of state doesn’t always mean there’s no Florida tie.
“In the business, the people who do well here end up going to DC,” Schale. “And so a lot of the people who do work in Florida that are out of state consultants are also people who have done a lot of work in Florida.”
Dunbar says high level consultants couldn’t make a living on Florida candidates alone.
The candidates also spent about $6 million on direct mail.
That’s enough to send out more than 21 million pieces, or about seven for everyone who voted.
Even though the bulk of TV time was purchased out of state, a lot of the cash went to local Florida stations, minus a 15% buyers commission.
The Candidates spent a total of $40.45 for every vote that was cast last Tuesday.
The total doesn’t include cash spent on behalf or against a candidate by out of state interest groups.

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