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Hemp Legislation Goes to Governor

June 14th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Hemp could soon be a 20 billion dollar industry in Florida, but it depends on the Governor signing legislation he received today legalizing industrial hemp, and the state’s Agriculture Commissioner wants you to encourage the Governor to sign the legislation.

Hemp is marijuana’s second cousin…made illegal in 1957. But perhaps no longer in Florida. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried wants you help to make that happen.

“The bill was actually sent to the Governor this morning, so if anyone has an ear of the Governor, encourage him to sign the hemp bill” Fried told the Capitol Tiger Bay Club.

Fried sees hemp as a possible savior for panhandle families who lost a 20 yer old crop of pine trees during Hurricane Michael.

“It is going to be something thats going to replace all of our styrofoam, our plastic, out paper. Hemp creeps. It is gong to be what I call an industrial revolution across our state  and the country, and it’s all biodegradable” says Fried. 

Elected as an advocate for Medical marijuana, Fried says big changes are needed before patients will really benefit.

“Stronger competition means it becomes more affordable. Getting them out of the black market and into our licensed dispensaries.and we need to fight for health care for medical marijuana patients.”

Asked if marijuana would ever be legal in Flordia, the Commissioner said its going to take time.

“And I do see that happening as more and more states legalize it and get into the marijuana space, you’re going to see more movement in DC.”

11 States have already legalized recreational marijauana. An initiative trying to get on the 2020 ballot would to add Flordia to that list faces an uphill battle. 

The legislation requires hemp and CBD products meet testing standards for food safety. Fried says consumers should be careful buying the products until the state has developed testing standards.

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