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Suspended Sheriff Says He’s Neither Incompetent or Negligent

June 19th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

After spending seven hours answering questions suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s fate is now in the hands of a Special Master and the full Florida Senate.

Israel was asked about what went wrong at during the response to the Parkland shooting, training requirements, and how decisions at the Broward County Sheriffs office are made.

Afterwards, the former sheriff told reporters he is neither negligent or incompetent, which Governor Ron DeSantis called Israel in his suspension order.

“For a governor to be able to use words like negligence and incompetence and suspend an elected official, rather than allow that official to be removed by the voters in that specific county is very serious, to me its almost un-American,” said Israel. “It’s something you hear about happening in other countries, and I certainly will be working very hard to reclaim my job, and finish term, and I will be running for sheriff of Broward County again.”

The Governor’s office will submit its case for upholding the suspension on August 12th.

The Sherrif will respond a week later, on August 19th.

A report from the Special Master will go to the Senate President around Labor Day.

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