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Governor Delivers State of the State Address

January 14th, 2020 by Mike Vasilinda

Governor Ron DeSantis delivered his second State of the State address to the opening session of the state legislature Tuesday.

The Governor’s wish list is very much a continuation of his first year in office.

The Governor said the operative word for the 2020 legislative session is “opportunity”.

“This is Florida’s season of opportunity,” said DeSantis.

Over the course of 32 minutes, the Governor encouraged lawmakers to keep the course on a half billion dollar funding for water projects and everglades restoration, but he asked for new penalties for cities dumping sewage into the streets and waterways.

“It’s cheaper to violate the law and pay a nominal fine. This is unacceptable,” said DeSantis.

And he pushed his plan to deregulate dozens or professions, including beauticians and barbers.

“Our citizens shouldn’t need a permission slip from government to earn a living,” said DeSantis.

New was his effort to pass an employer required E-verify system.

“Our low income workers should not have their wages depressed by cheap foreign labor,” said DeSantis.

And he prompted his plan give teachers raises so that no one makes less than $47,500.

“My plan will lead to a substantial pay increase for over 100,000 current teachers,” said DeSantis.

Veering into a social agenda, he jumped on legislative leaders push for new abortion legislation.

“I also hope that the legislature will this session send me the parental consent bill,” said DeSantis.

The session began with 3,393 bills already filed.

Sixty days from now very few of them will have passed.

Opening day was the Governor’s chance to make his case, lawmakers will spend the next 9 weeks articulating their vision for Florida.

The Governor did not mention Visit Florida funding in his speech, but said he supports the agencies continuation.

Nor did he mention gun control or background check legislation, but afterwards called the so called gun show loophole nonexistent.

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