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Newly Enfranchised Felons Rally at the Capitol

February 18th, 2020 by Jake Stofan

About 300 felons, many of whom earned the right to vote back after the passage of Amendment 4 in 2018, rallied at the State Capitol Tuesday afternoon.

Lead by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, the theme of the advocacy day was “Our Vote, Our Voice, Our Time”.

As the legal battle challenging whether payment of fines and fees should be required for felons to have the right to vote back plays out in the courts, the group is calling on the Governor and Cabinet to reform the clemency process to help speed up the rights restoration process for former inmates.

“We do not have to solely rely on the implementation of Amendment 4 to expand democracy in this great state. We do not have to rely on the implementation of Amendment 4 to expand opportunities for jobs that will stimulate our economy, that would allow us to carry our fair share of the tax burden. Right? Then that would allow us to create safer communities,” said FRRC Executive Director Desmond Meade.

Last year the Coalition announced it would be launching a campaign to help felons pay off fines and fees they owe so they can vote.

More information on how to apply for assistance can be found at FloridaRRC.com.

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