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Florida Votes Amid Coronavirus Crisis

March 17th, 2020 by Jake Stofan

Unlike other states that have chosen to delay primary elections due to the Coronavirus, Florida decided to go ahead on schedule.

The Secretary of State said there have been some hold ups in South Florida, but overall things are moving smoothly.

Nearly 800 poll workers stayed home in Palm Beach County, with only 100 to take their place.

One polling location opened late in Broward County as well.

Secretary of State Laurel Lee has been working with the counties, but the problem appears isolated.

“All other counties reported on time opening of all voting locations around the state,” said Lee.

In Leon County, 39 poll workers called out, but Supervisor Mark Earley said it didn’t affect the ability to vote.

“We build some redundancy in with our poll worker assignments so it really hasn’t impacted us a bit,” said Earley.

Sanitation has become a priority.

“We are in the Presidential Preference Primary so we are not expecting large crowds or long lines,” said Lee.

In Leon hand sanitizer is readily available and poll workers are wearing gloves.

Voters we spoke with say they were satisfied with the precautions.

“I saw that they cleaned a whole bunch before they even set up because they posted picture of it. So I think everybody is kind of doing their part here to make sure people feel safe,” said Tallahassee voter Elizabeth Vandervort.

“I didn’t feel worried at all and I’m out here doing my civic duty,” said another voter in Tallahassee Kathryn Travis.

While the supervisor in Leon said turnout has been somewhat slow, he doesn’t believe it’s all attributable to the Coronavirus.

“We’ve got an incumbent Republican President so the Republican Party voters I think aren’t quite as incentivized to come out and vote,” said Earley.

Before polls opened 2 million had already cast a ballot.

How election day turnout was impacted won’t be known until after 8 PM eastern time.

For the most up to date information on polling location changes or to learn how to designate someone to deliver a vote by mail ballot for you, visit your local supervisor of elections website.

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