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Governor Issues Statewide Stay at Home Order

April 1st, 2020 by Jake Stofan

A statewide stay at home order issued by the Governor will go into effect at Midnight Friday April 3rd.

The order will remain in effect for 30 days.

“You can engage in essential services, essential activities, but other than that you need to stick close to home,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

Floridians will still be able to take care of pets, grocery shop, pick up food and seek medical services.

The announcement comes after the US Surgeon General said the policy should be implemented nationwide and nearly two weeks of Florida Democrats demanding the policy.

DeSantis said he’s been considering it for days and acted after the President extended national guidelines for 30 days.

“People aren’t just going to go back to work. That’s a national pause button,” said DeSantis.

Democrats like Miami State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez hope it isn’t too little too late.

“Based on all the evidence that I’ve seen, I am not an expert I have to rely on those public health experts, those medical professionals, we are at the moment where it’s almost too late, but it’s not too late,” said Rodriguez.

The Governor has long publicly questioned the effectiveness of a statewide stay at home order, and continues to do so, especially for a prolonged period of time.

And he also hopes some nonessential businesses will be able to remain open.

“They’re not going to have people be able to congregate inside their businesses, but what they can do is you know they can do delivery or things like that, maybe if they make things,” said DeSantis.

The Governor says the statewide order will be enforced the same way as previous mitigations he’s put in place, which means it will come down to local law enforcement.

A list of essential businesses can be found at floridadisaster.org.

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