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Team Trump Pushes for Mail Voting

August 12th, 2020 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida’s Panhandle is deep red.

Donald Trump carried the vast majority of counties there in 2016, and Team Trump is on the road with a swing across northern Florida looking for a repeat.

Team trump pulled into a small strip shopping mall minutes after volunteers lined the sidewalk with Black Voices for Trump signs.

On the bus, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Trump’s former campaign manager Cory Lewandowski.

“So, do we have work to do. You bet we do. Did he create the greatest economy that the world has ever seen, shutting it down to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. The answer is yes, and he’s the only one who can bring our economy back,” said Lewandowski.

Bondi told us the rioting around Black Lives matter is raising safety concerns among African Americans.

“People want their kids safe,” said Bondi.

She said black voters are turning to Trump in greater numbers.

“We can’t defund the police, and that’s what Joe Biden says he wants to redirect funds, and that’s defunding the police,” said Bondi.

In a small office packed with volunteers, Bondi pushed mail voting, drawing a distinction between Florida’s method and other states.

“Mass mailing of course happens in other states, but that’s what we’ve gotta let people know here in Florida that absentee voting is a great thing. Its safe,” said Bondi.

Musician Michael Collins performed a song he said he wrote after losing his job at an African American Church because he supports Trump.

“My church is ninety, ninety-five percent Democratic,” said Collins.

Four years ago, the Panhandle accounted for half the President’s victory margin in Florida.

The campaign expects even bigger results this time.

In a release, Florida Democrats accused the bus tour of “recklessly endangering public safety” during the pandemic”.

Florida Democrats also said in that statement that the bus tour was being used to distract people from the President’s handling of the pandemic.

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