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Debate Stakes High

September 29th, 2020 by Mike Vasilinda

The stakes for Tuesday night’s first Presidential debate are particularly high in Florida.

Donald Trump carried the state by just under 115,000 votes.

Polls suggest most voters have already made up their minds, but a good or bad showing by either candidate could matter in a razor thin election.

Voting is already underway in Florida.

Just over 34,000 mail ballots have already been returned.

Another 5 million remain outstanding.

Biden Unite the Country SuperPac Director Steve Schale said that’s why the first debate matters.

“If you think of the last Presidential election, it was decided by about 115,000 votes. Obama’s win in in 2012 was decided by 80,000 voters, so if only five percent of likely voters in Florida care about the debates, that five percent can be decisive,” said Schale.

Florida GOP Party Chair Joe Gruters expects the President to lean heavily on what he has accomplished over the last almost four years.

“Donald Trump is going to be able to say he accomplished more in the last forty-seven months of being in office than Joe Biden’s done in 47 years,” said Gruters.

Political Scientist Susan MacManus believes the most important issues for either candidate are equality and safety.

“I guarantee you, a lot of people want to hear what are you gonna do about violence against police. What are you gonna do about police violence against minorities,” said MacManus.

To win, MacManus believes Trump must be more Presidential and Biden must be specific, not general.

“If people look at these two candidates, side by side and see how they interface when they are talking about issues of importance to them, I expect a lot of people will just fill out the ballot and put it in the mail tomorrow,” said MacManus.

And MacManus said the news media will also be on trial during the debate.

Questions have to be equally tough and the time shared equally, or fewer people will tune into the next debate.

Democrats hold a 60/40 edge in mail ballot requests over the GOP, but more than a million requests are from non-party affiliates.

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