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Senate Advances MCORES Repeal

March 19th, 2021 by Jake Stofan

The Florida Senate is poised to pass legislation walking back plans for three major road construction projects signed into law just two years ago.

The legislation would cancel plans to extend the turnpike to the west coast and a toll road from Collier County to the center of the state, but keep in place plans to extend the Sun Cost Parkway on a slightly different path.

Funds from the canceled projects would be redirected to the transportation trust fund to support improvements to existing roadways.

Bill sponsor Senator Gayle Harrell amended the bill in its last committee stop to add more environmental protections.

“And by revisioning what we are doing we can accomplish the goals of better transportation, improved safety and also look at the environmental impact of what we are doing when we build our roads,” said Harrell.

Environmental groups are split on the legislation.

While all that testified Thursday said the new proposal is better for the environment than the existing plan, some groups remain concerned the Sun Coast Parkway extension could result in negative environmental impacts.

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