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Ag Commissioner Raises Alarm Over Lack of Medical Marijuana Employment Protections

April 2nd, 2021 by Jake Stofan

Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried is once again raising concerns over the lack of employment protections for Florida’s half million medical marijuana patients.

In a virtual press conference Friday, the Commissioner was joined by Allison Enright, who was fired from her position as a teacher in a Brevard County school after suffering a fall on the job.

Enright had been prescribed medical marijuana as a way of getting off opioids, which she had previously been prescribed to cope with chronic pain conditions.

“You know I felt like a criminal. I felt like I had done something wrong for just trying to become healthy and for taking action to make myself healthier,” said Enright.

Bills in both the House and Senate have been filed this session that would create employment protections for medical marijuana patients, although neither have been heard so far.

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