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  • Abortion Debate Day 2 1, April1, 2015
    A day after pro choice voices were stifled in a Florida Senate abortion debate, the House got an earful. As Matt Galka tells us, the result was the same. A heated abortion debate boiled over on the second straight day in the Florida Capitol. The House’s version of an abortion waiting period bill drew an […]
    Matt Galka
  • Health Care Gamble Could Cost You More 1, April1, 2015
      Florida lawmakers are doing battle over providing health care to a million working poor Floridians. Not expanding health care with Federal money could end up increasing health insurance costs for everyone with insurance. Florida currently gets one point two billion in federal money to pay for emergency room visits and hospital care for people […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • A “Shell Game” on Amendment One Funding 1, April1, 2015
    Today is the halfway mark in the Florida Legislative session and both the House and Senate debated their differing budget plans. Both chambers, to the dismay of environmentalists who pushed the land buying and conservation amendment approved by 75 percent of voters last November, about 200 million dollars from last years budget is being included […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Domestic Violence and Financial Literacy 1, April1, 2015
    The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence is partnering with Allstate Insurance to help domestic violence survivors learn more about financial literacy. FCDAV President Tiffany Carr says surveys of domestic abuse victims came to a clear conclusion. “98 percent report that their finances were controlled as part of the abuse. 98 percent have told us they […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Historic Education Funding…at local taxpayers expense 1, April1, 2015
    State lawmakers spent the day asking questions about the state budget. The two chambers disagree over health care funding for the poor, but they are in general agreement when it comes to funding schools. House Education Budget Chairman Erik Fresen of Miami told House members that schools will see a historic increase. “The FEFP budget […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • On the Attack 1, March31, 2015
    The Florida Senate looks like it’s poised to pass a plan that would expand Medicaid in the state which could help almost one million Floridians. But as Matt Galka tells us, some conservatives are feeling heat from their own supporters. Margarita Romo says members of Farmworkers Self Help – the group she established to provide […]
    Matt Galka
  • Testimony Nearly Non Existent at Abortion Hearing 1, March31, 2015
    There were dozens of angry women in the State Capitol today who were denied a chance to speak against a controversial 24 hour waiting period for abortions. Only two speakers, one for and one against got just seconds to make their case before the committee. The legislation requires a woman seeking an abortion to make […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Expanding Medical Marijuana 1, March31, 2015
    An expanded version of medical marijuana cleared the Senate Health Policy Committee today. The bill expands last years low THC law from five to 20 distributors and allows them to be selected by a lottery. Anneliese Clark traveled from St. Johns County on the east coast to show the committee pictures of her ten year […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Smoking in Cars with Kids 1, March31, 2015
    People who smoke in their cars with kids under 13 could be stopped by police under legislation approved five to one in a state Senate Health Policy Committee today. The fine for non moving violations ranges from $116 to $129 dollars. Sen. Arthenia Joyner of Tamp[a says the legislation is appropriate because kids in the […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Juvenile Citations 1, March30, 2015
    Lawmakers are pushing a bill that could cut down on juvenile arrests and hopefully still set kids on the right path, but as Matt Galka tells us, retailers are worried it could end up costing them. Edward Barnes says an arrest when he was a kid sent his life barreling down the wrong path. “By […]
    Matt Galka



Property Tax Cut Fight Heating Up

November 29th, 2007 by Anna Laura Rehwinkel

Voters will head to the polls in exactly two months to decide whether to change Floridas property tax law. Groups in favor of an amendment to cut property taxes could spend anywhere from $5 million to $15 million on their campaign. But as Chris Casquejo tells us, educators are gearing up for a fierce fight.

Hear it here: Property Tax Cut Fight Heating Up

Public library leaders are upset. They say theyre already doing more with less. They worry there will be less money for books if voters approve a property tax cut in January. Educators also fear schools will lose big, and are finalizing a campaign against the amendment.

Florida will continue to be falling further behind other states in comparisons of school funding,” said Mark Pudlow of the Florida Education Association. “And it will be making it much harder for us to keep and recruit the best teachers.

The plan would allow homeowners to take their Save Our Homes benefits when they move. It also doubles the homestead exemption.

Under the amendment, business and other non-homestead property owners would have their annual property tax increases limited to 10 percent.

Business interest groups believe the amendment does not help enough. But theyre willing to get behind it and spend accordingly.

Its better to get half a loaf than no loaf at all,” said Barney Bishop with Associated Industries of Florida. “So is this something thats still important for the business community? Yes, because our employees are impacted and our companies are still going to be impacted to the extent that at least well have a cap of 10 percent.

Many polls, including the Florida Education Associations most recent one, show that the amendment would not pass. But many voters remain undecided.

60 percent of voters have to approve the property tax cut amendment for it to become law.

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