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Whiskey and Wheaties ready for Senate vote

February 9th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

Shoppers at big box stores like Walmart and Target may soon be able to buy liquor inside the store instead of having to leave and enter a liquor store owned by the chain through a separate entrance. dubbed the whiskey and Wheaties bill, the measure cleared a key Senate committee in the State Capitol today and is ready for a vote by the full Senate.  Sponsor Anitere Flores says the current law is a relic but opponents say the bill still needs work.

“Originally the  intent of this law was to limit the number or retailers as alcohol was reintroduced into the marketplace after prohibition.  After 8 decades, I think we’ve adjusted, and that is what the bill does says Flores.”

Charles Bailes is teh CEo of ABC Liquors. He has been working to change the bill.

“We still don’t think it protects public safety. We’re still concerned about access to minors, and so, we will continue to work with the bills sponsors and amendment sponsors to try and make it a better bill” says Bailes.

The legislation brought unusual testimony from the NRA, which said big box stores in rural areas would have to stop selling guns if they sold liquor under the same roof, which the NRA says would deprive rural citizens from excising their second amendment rights.

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