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NPA Surge

June 15th, 2010 by flanews

The number of independent candidates running for statewide office is soaring.

So far 27 people have announced their intentions to run as an independent for Congress, state cabinet or the governor’s mansion. Just four years ago, only 11 people ran for statewide office with no party affiliation. As Whitney Ray tells us, the surge in independent candidates may be a symptom of the growing distaste for incumbent candidates.

State qualifying began Monday, and the first two candidates through the door were running as independents.

“I don’t think at this point we should care about who is Democrat and Republican, we should care about America and American people,” said Farid Khavari, an Independent running for governor.

“We shouldn’t be trying to pit one team against another,” said Miranda Rosenberg, an independent for State Senate.

In 2006, 11 candidates ran for statewide offices with no party affiliation. So far this year 27 people are running as NPAs… Seven of them want to be governor… like Bud Chiles, son former Democratic governor Lawton Chiles. He announced his departure from the Democratic Party June 3rd.

“It’s time to step outside the party and try to bring people together,” said Chiles.

One reason for the surge in independent candidates is the growing number of independent voters. More than 2-million Floridians are registered with no party affiliation.

Another reason is independent candidates get to skip costly primary elections and go straight to the November Ballot. Steve Vancore, a political consultant, says candidates are dropping their party affiliations to feed the voters’ appetite… Vancore says voters are tired of the hyper partisanship on Capitol Hill.

“It’s a lot like a parent seeing two children fighting. You really don’t care who did or who didn’t, you just want them to stop fighting,” said Vancore.

One of the disadvantages of being an independent is that after the primaries; Democrats and Republicans will lend seasoned staffers and volunteers to their candidates… Independents won’t be so lucky.

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