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Drivers Concerned about ID Bundling

September 6th, 2011 by flanews

A plan to load down Florida drivers licenses with everything from insurance information to voter IDs is raising concerns among drivers. Bundling the information could save the state millions, but as Whitney Ray tells us, drivers fear having all their information on one card could make them vulnerable to ID thieves.

Dontrell Davis just renewed his drivers license.

“Thankfully its good until 2019 now, said Davis.

His license holds his name, address, and birthday but soon it could contain much more. The Florida DMV is working on a plan to add your insurance information, voter ID and in some cases welfare status to you drivers license. Garth Betts says that would shrink his wallet.

“It dont think its a bad idea really, because its pretty convenient to just have to whip out one thing instead of having to search through everything, said Betts.

One of the advantages is if you ever need any of this information you only have to reach for this card, and while drivers like cutting down on the clutter, they have some other concerns.

Mainly Identity theft.

“I dont like the whole ideal of having one central card to access my entire life. I think thats the same thing you find with ID theft right now. People have too much access, said Davis.

“Certain stuff is supposed to be kept in your home for confidentiality reasons, said Driver Emerald Patterson.

Nothing is set in stone. A DMV task force will begin reviewing it options Wednesday. Questions about privacy will be a major focal point.

“Well actually have a subcommittee that will look at privacy concerns and questions just like that, said DMV Spokeswoman Courtney Heidelberg.

The task force will spend a year reviewing the cost savings measure, exactly how much money it would save is still unclear.

Voter Concerns

Preliminary reports suggest including voter IDs. If that happens and the new IDs are required to vote, it could be viewed as a poll tax. Secretary of State Kurt Browning supports bundling some information to save the state money, but says putting voter info on the card would have to be done with great care or not at all.

We are willing to work with the department of highway safety to see what can be done. We want to work with them through this process, said Browning.

Right now drivers licenses are just one of nine different forms of IDs accepted at the polls.

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