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Scott’s Lawsuit Record

June 18th, 2012 by flanews

Almost since the moment he took office, Governor Rick Scott has been caught up in litigation. His most recent suit is over efforts to prevent illegal voters from casting ballots. As Whitney Ray tells us, the governor has lost more lawsuits than he’s won, but many of those decisions are being appealed.

Shortly after taking office Governor Rick Scott derailed the train. Scott singlehandedly turned away 2.4 billion federal dollars for high speed rail. State lawmakers sued, but the Florida Supreme Court sided with Scott.

Scott’s win record stops there. Since beating the train, Scott’s lost a lawsuit over drug testing state workers, and a separate suit over drug testing welfare recipients.

When he tried to privatize state prisons, the Florida Police Benevolent Association sued and won. They also beat Scott in a court battle over state workers pension contributions.

“We certainly don’t want to continue to sue in order to prevent the governor and the legislature from committing ills against the taxpayers and you know that’s something the taxpayers ought to ask,” said Matt Puckett with the Florida Police Benevolent Association.

Making controversial decisions has made Scott a magnet for lawsuits, and so far he’s not fairing well in court. By our count Scott has one win, four losses and a tie.

The tie came over Florida’s new elections law. A federal judge upheld most of the new provisions, like shortening early voting, but a deadline requiring voter registration forms to be turned in 48 hours after they’re signed was recently thrown out.

But not all is lost yet. To the chagrin of the PBA Scott is appealing the pension and prison privatization decisions. And only time will tell what will happen with the governor’s voter purge lawsuits. Scott’s suing for access to a federal immigration database, and the feds are suing Scott to stop the purge.

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