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RFID Tech in Florida

August 24th, 2012 by flanews

There are concerns tonight over how government agencies could use Radio Frequency Identification or RFID tracking devices. RFID chips can hold personal information like your social security number and home address. Some of the chips can be read with scanners from distances of 90 feet. As Whitney Ray tells us, a former state trooper is fighting plans to have the chips placed in Florida Drivers Licenses.

These cows are being injected with Radio Frequency Identification devices also known as RFID chips. The microchips hold information that’s available to anyone with a scanning device. But the technology isn’t just for farmers. People have RFID chips placed in their pets and companies use the technology to track their products.

RFID chips are also in all US passports issued after 2006. The chips hold personal information and even include a photograph and fingerprint.

The technology is supposed to enhance national security by making counterfeits nearly impossible, but RFID is raising concerns about Identity theft. Some scanners can read the chip from distance up to 90 feet.

“It’s not coming in 2013, I can tell you that, because I’m the one who found it in the law,” said Paul Henry a former state trooper.

Henry fought state legislation this year to have RFID placed in Florida drivers licenses on a volunteer basis. Henry says RFID is too easily hacked, plus it could be used to track US Citizens.

“Do we want to have the government knowing where we are at all times?” said Henry.

Florida DMV Director Julie Jones says the devices aren’t intended for keeping tabs on citizens.

“Let’s say we put an RFID chip in every drivers license. It would be hugely difficult to track people. That is obviously not our intent,” said Jones.

Jones says the real goal of the failed legislation was to allow Floridians to cross North America borders quicker. Jones says there are no plans to ask lawmakers to approve RFID in the 2013 legislative session.

You can buy an aluminum wallet or sleeve to block hackers from reading your RFID chip. We have confirmed RFID technology will be used next week at the Republican National Convention. But at this time we still don’t know exactly how it will be used.

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