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Medical Marijuana Hearing Outlines State Regulatory Scheme

July 7th, 2014 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida regulators began the process of making a low grade strain of marijuana available early next year to seriously ill patients. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, the effort could be a blueprint for much wider distribution if voters approve a much broader use of medical marijuana this fall.

Holly Mosley and Paige Figi can be considered the mothers of low grade marijuana in Florida. Paige is the mother of Charlotte Figi . The Colorado mom was at her wits end as her daughter suffered one seizure after another with no cure in sight, until she helped create Charlotte’s Web.  “Her seizures were instantly abated, so here 300 a week seizures were down to zero her first week after her first dose” says Paige.

While Charlotte seizures have almost ended, Holly Mosley convinced Florida lawmakers to make the low grade CBD available for seriously ill Floridians. Holly’s daughter Ray Ann is still suffering. “Ray Ann is sick, and we are desperate, and we just…we know there is hope, you know something is working in Colorado, and we just want it here so badly for her.” (Q): And Quickly I resume? (A) Quickly”.

The suffering could soon end. Grower after grower told a panel of health officials they wanted a license to grow marijuana to produce the oil based cure. Ray Davis of Tampa was one of the growers making his pitch,  “I am not knowledgeable about growing marijuana. I intend to be” Davis told the panel.

At a day long, standing room only rule hearing, the state took the first step toward making non euphoric marijuana available to patients.

When all is said and done, just five nurseries will grow, harvest, and distribute the first strain of medical marijuana.

Under current law, marijuana is illegal..to grow or bring into the state…so, in essence, there  is no chicken or egg to come first. We asked bill sponsor Representative Matt Gaetz how the dilemma might be resolved. Q: “How do they start the growing process?”

“That’s an open question.”

By law, the first licenses must be issued by the end of the year.  Until those first licenses are issued, no growing can take place. But the framework being laid out by health officials may be the forerunner of how marijuana will be regulated if voters approve a broader form of medical marijuana this fall.


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