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Two Weeks and No Answers

August 1st, 2014 by flanews

Two weeks and still no answers in the shooting death of a well known Florida State law professor. Matt Galka tells us what’s next for police in the investigation.

14 days and still no suspects.  Well known FloridaS tate law professor Dan Markel’s shooting murder is still yielding more questions than answers.

Dave Northway/Tallahassee Police Department

“We investigate all leads. We do not specifically look at certain leads and say ‘those are not credible,'” said Tallahassee Police Department Public Information Officer Dave Northway.

Police have released scattered information in the two weeks since the Canadian born professor’s death. The latest was the 911 call from a neighbor.

Officials have admitted an error by a dispatcher delayed EMT response to the father of two. It took an ambulance 19 minutes to get to Markel’s home.

Police reports indicate the focus of the investigation was on the garage, and Markel was sitting in his car when the crime happened.

Police have released one photo. They are still searching for information on a Toyota Prius type vehicle that was seen leaving the area around the time of the shooting.

“What we’re asking for is that our community members give us the time to follow all the proper steps in the case and we bring the case to a close as quickly as possible,” said Northway.

A reward for information on the case started at $3,000. It has since been bumped to $10,000.

Tallahassee Police will not say whether or not they are working with other state or federal agencies in order to try and solve the case.

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