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GOP Members Fleeing From Trump

October 11th, 2016 by flanews

Republican infighting, sparked by nominee Donald Trump, may be at an all time high. As Matt Galka tells us, some members of the party are doing something they never thought they would – cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton.

Mac Stipanovich is a proud member of the Republican party. He was Governor Bob Martinez’s chief of staff, an adviser to Jeb Bush during his 1994 gubernatorial campaign, and an adviser to Secretary of State Katherine Harris during the infamous election recount in 2000.

He’s also going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“If you told me that a year ago I would have laughed at you,” he said when we reached him by phone.

Stipanovich says the behavior of GOP nominee Donald Trump put him in this position. Stipanovich – an active twitter user – has frequently used a #NeverTrump hashtag.  He says he’s not surprised more members of the party are deserting Trump now.

“He’d make the country sick, and we’d never recover, or certainly not recover fully from it,” he said.

And with all the divisiveness in the party it could be bad news for some members down ticket.

Florida State Univeristy Political scientist Dr. Carol Weissert says she’s never seen infighting like this during a campaign.

“The House, the Democrats need to pick up 30 seats, but in the Senate that’s very close, they’d have to pick up four or five depending on if they win the White House, so Florida is very much in the mix here,” she said.

But it’s still too early to tell if deserting Trump or sticking with him will help or hurt members of the party in races aroudn the state and the country. Just like much of 2016 – the outcomes could be unpredictable.

Speaking of Twitter…earlier today Trump went on a tweet storm lambasting some members of the GOP including House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump called Republicans turning on him “disloyal.”

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