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Non voter watches first State of the Union, remains a Trump fan

March 2nd, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

Donald Trump carried Florida by about 113,000 votes. WAs we know, pollsters badly miscalculated who was voting and who wasn’t. One of the people they missed was a 56 year old restaurant owner in the panhandle, who has become a fan of Donald Trump’s.

Pam Buchanan sat out 9 Presidential elections before voting for Donald Trump.

“I’m Happy. I’m Happy.

And until Tuesday, the 56 year old had never watched a State of the Union address,

“And yes, going with that pipeline. American Steel. American employees. I’m happy to hear that.”

But when the President mentioned ordinary people, it captured her heart.

“..is a rare disease survivor. Megan Crowley” said the President, recognizing a Florida woman

“Those made me cry” said Pam. “I was happy to hear that he was interested in helping like that also, and he talked talked about the people and us. He didn’t keep saying I or me.”

And after watching, Pam was sure of one thing.

“If he’s not your President, you need to pack up and leave the United States because you are going to be benefiting from somebody you say is not yours, and that ain’t right.”

Even Pam concedes Trump’s first month was a bit rocky, but after watching the State of the Union.
“I do not feel I made a mistake at all”.

Pam took this restaurant over from her grandmother, but it was her grandfather who inspired her to vote for Trump.

“Somebody that means what they say, and they’re going to do what they say.”

And if Trump continues doing what he says he will do, Pam Buchanan will be a supporter of his for life.

Q:”I presume you are ready to vote for his re-election?”

“Oh, you betcha!”  (Laughter)

Pam will celebrate her 8th year in business soon, and says her new found political activity has not scared any of her customers away, even though she lives in one of the most Democratic areas of the state.

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