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Senate to Vote on Lotto Warning Labels

May 4th, 2017 by Jake Stofan
Would you think twice about buying a lottery ticket if sign on the counter told you it might be addictive? Well those signs could soon be a reality.
The senate has given tentative approval to legislation that would require warning labels on lottery tickets.
A bill in the senate would require lottery products including tickets, signs and commercials to come with a warning… “Gambling may be addictive.”
One of six variations of the message would have to cover 10% of each product.
Sponsor Keith Perry says the jury is out on whether the warning will make a difference, which he says makes them worth trying,
“We as a State who are sanctioning the lottery are also going to let you know that there’s potentially a problem with it, and not that there is, not that it will happen but there is potential and I think that we can all agree that that is a true possibility. That there is potential there,” said Perry.
Some are questioning how effective the labels would really be.
Poor neighborhoods buy more lottery tickets than better off areas, but that isn’t enough to convince some that labels are worth trying.
“I think that’s something to consider and you know maybe we need a way to figure out how to even the playing field on that. I don’t think the warning label is going to accomplish that in any way,” said Senator Jeff Clemens.
While lawmakers aren’t confident in the efficacy of the labels, The Florida Lottery is.
The organization says labels could reduce their sales by 1 to 3%.
If those predictions are correct, education funding from the lottery could decrease by between 5 and 16 million dollars.
But for some, a small reduction in education funding is a gamble worth taking if it means a reduction in gambling.
The bill comes up for a vote in the Senate tomorrow, and if passed it will head to the Governor’s desk.

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