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Bill to Boost Bright Futures Back to 100% Likely to Receive Governor’s Signature

June 14th, 2017 by Jake Stofan
There could soon be good news for the parents of college students.
Bright Futures Scholarships are likely to receive a drastic boost in funding thanks to bill awaiting the Governor’s signature.
More than 750,000 students have gotten financial aid through Bright Futures since the program began in 1997.
“Having my mom dish out extra money would have been like a struggle for her so it definitely helped me out,” said FAMU student Auvion Bradshaw.
For many students like Giacomo Billisi it’s helped ease the financial burdens of pursuing a higher education.
“Bright Futures was really important to me. Something I worked for my entire high school career and when I got it it helped me tremendously, go to college. I’m very low on any loans I’ve been taking out,” said FSU student Giacomo Billisi.
The Bright Futures Academic Scholarship is, the highest of three scholarships available.
The bill would raise the payout for the the Academic Scholarship by 47%.
The increase in the Academic Scholarship and more state funding will cover the full cost of tuition, plus an additional $300 for books.
“I’m lucky enough that I could probably afford college if I didn’t have it, but I know there are kids out there that wouldn’t and this would help like thousands and thousands of kids,” said FSU student Jesse Grosman.
For the first time students would be able to use their bright futures scholarship to help pay for summer classes.
“That would help a lot so I could cut down these loans. I’m tired of taking out loans,” said Bradshaw.
Unlike the funding boost which only affects students at the Academic Scholarship level, the summer coverage will apply to everyone receiving Bright Futures.
“It would probably increase the population of kids who come up here and study during summer and that will actually help them graduate a lot quicker, which is one of our universities goals,” said Billisi.
Students already receiving the top scholarship will be grandfathered into the new payouts.
For High School Students to receive the top scholarship they need to have a 3.5 weighted GPA, 100 Hours of community service and a 29 ACT score or a 1290 SAT score.

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