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John Morgan Sues State Over Medical Marijuana

July 6th, 2017 by Jake Stofan
John Morgan, the father of Florida’s medical marijuana amendment is following though with his promises to sue the state for failing to allow terminally ill patients to smoke cannabis.
Morgan had been threatening to sue since lawmakers made it clear smoking was not on the table.
In the amendment approved by 71 percent of the voters last November, smoking is only mentioned once. It says smoking is not allowed in public.
Morgan says the intent was clear.
“The vast majority if not 100% knew that smoke was included,” said Morgan.
Morgan accused House Marijuana Sponsor Ray Rodriquez of playing favorites with tobacco companies, not looking out for public health.
“If Ray Rodrigues is so concerned about smoking then why doesn’t he tax cigarettes at $5 a pack,” said Morgan.
Rodrigues says if Morgan wanted smoking he should have put it in the amendment.
“It would have been declared along with the enumerating conditions,” said Representative Rodrigues.
Lawmakers argued during session, smoking could cause more harm to patients than good.
“Medicine should make you better. Smoking is inherently and unhealthy act,” said Senate Sponsor Rob Bradley.
Current law allows for edibles, vaping and pills in lieu of smoking. Morgan argues smoking works better for patients with specific ailments.
“People who have ALS, people who have epilepsy, they find greater relief with smoking,” said Morgan. “Do we give a #%@$ @$$ if a person who died from ALS smokes instead of vapes?”
Democrats attempted to allow smoking through last minute amendments. each was shot down.
Morgan says the Legislature’s failure to include smoking is likely to gain momentum behind the movement to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

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