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FSU Students Protest Statue of University’s Founder on Campus

September 6th, 2017 by Jake Stofan

FSU students are protesting a statue of the Universities slave owning founder.

The protest comes as  University President John Thrasher is ordering a review of the University’s statues.



Across from the Westcott Fountain, tucked away beneath a tree, sits a statue of Francis Epps.

The statue was intended to commemorate the contribution Epps made as the Mayor of Tallahassee and land donor for what would eventually become FSU’s campus.

Despite the historical ties, a group of students say the statue of the known slave owner and aide to the Confederacy has no place on their campus

A handful of Students rallied at the Integration Statue at the center of campus in protest.


“It’s pretty obvious to everyone now that this is wrong and we hope that through our actions we can also help bring more people on to our side,” said student protestor Cea Moline.

To quell the conflict, FSU President John Thrasher will be appointing a panel of students, faculty, staff and alumni to review the university’s statues, name recognitions and markers.

Florida State University says the process of selecting the panel has already begun. The University says an announcement will be made when the names are finalized.

Last Fall, a campus wide vote to remove the statue was held.

Turnout was low, but nearly three fourths of those who cast ballots said the statue should stay.


“I definitely get them and I understand it, but we have to as a democracy respect the rule of the majority and if we actually voted for it then it should stay,” said FSU student Julian Cordova.

FSU says the panel won’t have the authority to decide whether a name is changed or a statue removed, but the group’s collective opinion will be taken into consideration when making those decisions.

In addition to the statue of Francis Eppes, the building for the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, The Eppes Professorship Program and The Jefferson-Eppes trophy all carry his namesake.

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