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Scott Files Motion to Disqualify Justice Pariente From Ruling on His Case

November 21st, 2017 by Jake Stofan
Governor Rick Scott wants a Supreme Court Justice removed from a case, which will decide whether the Governor has the authority to appoint three new justices before he leaves office.
The Governor claims comments made by the Justice caught on a hot mic suggests bias.
“I’ll appoint three new justices the morning I finish my term,” said Scott.
Scott has filed a motion to have Justice Barbara Pariente disqualified from the case.
She was heard saying the word, “crazy” in a hot mic incident.
The comment was made while the Justices looked at and discussed a list of people who will nominate future judicial candidates.
The audio is intermittent and unclear at times.
Scott’s Attorneys argue, due to the context of the conversation it could only be assumed the use of the word crazy was directed at either Scott or one of his appointees.
Scott says it’s enough evidence to suggest the Justice is incapable of rendering a fair verdict in the case.
Scott also included in his motion comments the Justice made back in 2012.
Justice Pariente was quoted during her retention election saying a vote against her retention, “Will Give Governor Scott the right to make his appointments, which will result in partisan political appointments.”
Damien Filer with Progress Florida says the argument is weak.
“What she said was that if she and others up for merit retention weren’t retained, that the Governor would make partisan political appointments. That’s just factually accurate. That’s what Governors and Presidents do,” said Filer.
It’s up to Justice Pariente as to whether she will disqualify herself.
We reached out to the legal team representing the League of Women Voters, but they declined to comment.

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