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Sexual Harassment Charges remain a “Distraction”

December 4th, 2017 by Mike Vasilinda

Sexual harassment charges in the state Capitol are escalating.  A special prosecutor has now been requested to investigate the claims. The request comes, as Mike Vasilinda tells us, following the hiring of a private security firm to protect the woman who is making the harassment claim.

The letter dated Sunday, requests a special prosecutor to look into a battery against Senate Staffer Rachel Perrin Rogers. Lawyer Tiffany Crews says her client was the victim of battery after unwanted touching by State Senator Jack Latvala.

Last week, Governor Rick Scott called the whole matter distracting. He says “It seems that everyone in Tallahassee is talking about this and not how to make Florida better.” The Senate cancelled two meetings Monday.  Senator Linda Stewart says at the investigation is taking it’s toll.
Q:”It seems like the Senate business has slowed down, a month away from the beginning of session?”

“I agree with you there.”

Q:”It has slowed down?”

“It has definitely slowed down” Stewart told us.

Attorney General Pam Bondi is also weighing in, saying the accuser is “a woman who I’ve known and respected for years” adding “My heart breaks for her”.

“I’ll tell you, I can’t remember some of the cases I prosecuted so long ago” Bondi told us.

Bondi herself has said she has been the object of unwanted attention.

“But I can remember every single incident when I felt like I was inappropriately approached by a man. None of them were ever supervisors, ever” she continued.

And in odd twist, the accuser has hired a body guard.

Neither the alleged victim nor the Security guard were in her Senate Majority office Monday at noon. But included in the gallery of Senate Republicans on the majority office wall?  The man she is accusing of harassment and now a crime.


And another powerful man in the state Capitol is paying the price for his actions. Former State Representative Rich Workman was appointed to the Public Service Commission in September. He resigned today after the Senate Rules Chairman, Lizbeth Benacquisto, said she had been improperly touched by Workman.

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