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NRA Lobbyist “Death Threats” Increasing

April 12th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

Longtime NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer is receiving death threats almost daily. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, threats are nothing new to the crusty advocate for guns,  but says this time her family is also being threatened.

As more than a hundred people packed a County Commission meeting this week in the State Capitol to argue for and against tougher gun laws, one person was conspicuously absent: NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer.

“And my security advisors said, you will be endangering an awful lot of people.”



Hammer was told not to go after receiving multiple death threats.

Q:”I know you have been threatened for decades.”


Q”Is this different?”

“It’s uglier. It’s nasty.”

Q:”Are you afraid?”

“No. You can’t live in fear. You’re cautious. You’re observant.”

Q:”Have you reported it to police?”

“In the past I have.”

Q:And what did they do?”

“Nothing. They say they can’t do anything until somebody does something.”

The NRA lobbyist did allow us to see a stack of emails, but not copy them. She wouldn’t say if they could be part of a future investigation.

Q:Are you still getting them?”

Yes. Some came in this morning.”

Hammer does say the threats have altered her daily routine. Not because she is afraid, but because she doesn’t want her family to be in fear.

Hammer was near tears after we turned the camera off when talking about the threats to her family. That is a first.

Mike asked the Department of Law Enforcement if they were investigating. They did not respond to his request. A group advocating for gun restrictions also did not return a call when asked about the threats.

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