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Hero Humbled by Support

July 12th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda
Job offers and a GoFundMe account for an Academy Sports manager who was fired for physically stopping a would be gun thief are giving the family hope for the future, but the family remains on pins and needles.
The story of Dean Crouch, wife Rebecca, and their two small children is going viral.
Dean was fired from Academy Sports after tackling a gun thief at the front door.
The contact was against company policy.
“To comply with their policy would to have allowed Mr. White to leave the store, follow him to the parking lot area and ask him to return to the store,” said Crouch.
Reporter: ”If there was a rape on in the dressing room, you couldn’t stop it?”
“Yeah. We’re not allowed to physically put our hands on customers, I guess,” said Crouch.
The NRA and Dean’s attorney Ryan Hobbs are calling him a hero.
“He stopped the crime of theft,” said Hobbs. “He stopped potential crimes that the criminal admitted he was going to act out on with the weapon that Mr. Crouch stopped him from stealing.”
The family, especially unemployed Dean, remain on pins and needles about their future.
“I’ve only been able to sleep maybe two, three hours a night. Worried about my family, and what’s going to happen next with us,” said Crouch.
While we were here visiting the family, at least one job offer was texted to the couple’s attorney.
Yet their house remains up for sale.
GoFundMe account had raised just under 18 hundred dollars in less than 24 hours.
And Dean, who said on Wednesday he was hoping to get his job back, is no longer sure that’s what he wants.
Surveillance video of the incident exists but it is unclear if it will ever be released.

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