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Ron DeSantis Defends FBI Ad

October 19th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda
The race for Governor remains too close to call, as it has been since the August Primary.
Team DeSantis is putting a major emphasis on trust.
Ron DeSantis is 40; Andrew Gillum 9 months younger.
Both have small children and neither is wealthy, but the similarities end there.
In an exclusive interview DeSantis was quick to draw contrasts.
“In the Congress, I slept in my office for six years. I didn’t accept the pension, the health care subsidies,” said DeSantis. “I put the taxpayers first. I didn’t use the office to benefit myself.  And I think that’s a distinction. I mean, Andrew is a career politician.”
A new Republican Governor’s Association Ad implies Gillum is part of an investigation into Tallahassee’s City hall.
DeSantis defended the accusation.
“Of the course the ad is valid,” said DeSantis. “Just think what happened. He’s mayor of Tallahassee. He goes on a junket to New York City  with a lobbyist who had business before the city, undercover FBI agents. He didn’t pay for a dog gone thing.”
In a conference call Thursday, Gillum supporters refuted every sentence in the ad.
Gillum has repeatedly said he is not a target of the FBI investigation.
“Obviously I would be happy for them to clarify all of what they are doing,” said Gillum in August. “I fully have a good opinion about where their target is.”
While polls show the race in a dead heat, DeSantis says voters will choose the one they trust most.
Trust may play a role, but so will turnout.
Most polls also show the majority of voters have already made up their mind, leaving the candidates to fight tooth and nail for a very small number of people.
Andrew Gillum has not been the subject of a subpoena that has been made public. The subpoena’s issued involve a City Commissioner, developers, and Gillum’s former treasurer.

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