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Sex Lies and Deceit: Denise Williams Murder Trial Begins

December 11th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

Sex lies and deceit for 21 years is how prosecutors summed up their opening argument in a nationally watch trial in Tallahassee.

48-year-old Denise Williams faces life in prison for her former husbands murder and an 18 year-long coverup.

Her defense says nothing but the confession of a convicted felon ties her to the crime.

Denise Williams and her husband’s best friend, Brian Winchester, started sleeping together three years before the then 31-year-old Mike Williams disappeared on a duck hunting trip in December 2000.

His body was presumed eaten by alligators.

Fast forward 16 years.

Winchester and Denise have married and separated.

He kidnapped her at gun point, fearing she will pin the murder on him.

She talked him down, then went to police.

On the day he was sentenced for kidnapping, she asked for the maximum.

“It comes down to it’s my life or his,” said Williams.

Unknown to Denise, Brian had already spilled his guts to investigators.

“And I ended up shooting him,” Winchester told police.

He also claimed Denise helped plan everything.

The motive, was $1.75 million in life insurance that she collected.

After interviewing 100 jurors, the trial began with prosecutors telling them it was time to end 21 years of sex lies and deceit.

Denise’s lawyer, Philip Padovano told the jury they would have plenty of reasonable doubts before the trial was over.

“He felt as though Mrs. Williams threw him under the bus by turning him in for kidnaping and that he should now throw her under the bus,” said Padovano.

The state has taken the death penalty off the table, but Denise Williams could face life in prison on any of the three charges.

Conspiracy, murder, and being an accessory after the fact.

Brian Williams received immunity for his testimony against Denise Williams.

He is serving a 20 year sentence for kidnapping her.

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