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Meet Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis

March 6th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

First Lady Casey DeSantis is taking an active role in her husband’s administration, putting a major focus on helping hurricane victims in the panhandle, but she is also the mother of two young children.

Some have called Casey DeSantis the Governor’s secret weapon.

A former television journalist, she endured herself to voters with a humorous campaign commercial where her and her husband expressed their admiration for President Donal Trump.

Now, as first lady, she is pushing her husband’s and her own agenda.

“I really want to take this unique opportunity to put a spotlight on people who are far more deserving than myself,” said DeSantis.

She has taken an active role in hurricane relief, she has strong opinions, and thinks her husband’s focus on the environment is spot on.

“We gotta get this right. That’s why he wants a chief science office. He a=wants to make sure there is sound science,” said DeSantis.

Casey says she often reads her husband’s speeches ahead of time, but didn’t see his state of the state.

In it, the Governor told the story of how the two met for the first time while hitting golf balls at a driving range.

“I thought, oh my goodness,” said DeSantis. “Where is this going, you know?”

The story ended the Governor’s address with the line, “Sometimes it just pays to be at the right place at the right time,”

“I thought it was really great way to tie up the whole thing,” said DeSantis.

The Governor has embraced his new job with almost breakneck speed, traveling the state almost daily, but the first lady tells us that hasn’t gotten him off the hook with his family and parental duties.

“My son was still not sleeping through he night. He was waking up at three AM and I said, you know, I don”t care if you’re the Governor or Florida, get, and he took the share of the duties and he went in there and he’s changing diapers, and giving bottles,” said DeSantis. “So I don’t know if people know that that he was up a lot of with out son rocking him back to sleep and he was up the next morning heading to Mexico Beach.”

Not since 1966 have small children lived in the mansion.

Prior to the election, now Governor Ron DeSantis told us his wife would would either be First Lady or a Fox News contributor.

She told Mike she’s more than happy and humbled to be living in the Governor’s Mansion.

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