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Sunscreen Ban Prohibition Heard in the Senate

January 22nd, 2020 by Jake Stofan

The first bill heard by the Florida Senate when it convince this morning would prohibit local governments from banning sunscreens.

The legislation comes in response to a ban passed by the city of Key West, which feared certain chemicals in the products might harm coral reefs.

Senate Sponsor Rob Bradley said the state has looked at the research and concluded the ingredients believed to harm coral reefs do not appear in high enough concentrations in nature to have a negative impact.

“And it would be a shame if people stopped using sunscreen because it was too expensive or they didn’t like a certain kind because a local government said you can’t use that kind of sunscreen. I think that’s the wrong message to send,” said Bradley.

Senator Bradley also said if the chemicals are deemed to be harmful to humans, the FDA could order them to be removed from sunscreens.

The bill is now ready for a floor vote in the Senate.

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