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GOP Running Ad for Audience of Two

September 25th, 2020 by Mike Vasilinda

Despite repeated calls from news organizations and the GOP, the Florida Democratic Party has so far refused to release its Payroll Protection Program loan application.

Political parties were specifically excluded from PPP loans, but Democrats got at least $780,000 dollars.

The GOP now wants the Small Business Administration to release the information, and is running an ad in the nations capital designed for an audience of two; the Administrator of the SBA and the President.

“How did all that taxpayer cash flow to Democrat campaigns?”

An ad now running on the Fox News Channel locally ai the Washington DC area asks a blunt question: “How did all that taxpayer cash flow to Democrat campaigns?”.

It also calls on the Small Business Administration to release the PPP loan application that resulted in the party receiving a quarter million dollars.

Former Green Beret and now Florida Congressman Michael Waltz said he and others are also pushing for the application’s release.

“Who filled out the application, who circumvented the law?” said Waltz.

This week we asked Nikki Fried, the lone Democrat elected statewide, whether or not that application should be released.

“I do feel satisfied with the information that has been given to me,” said Fried.

Fried dismissed the push for more information.

“Political tactics being used by the Republican Party, and that’s all that it is at this point,” said Fried.

“Apparently it went through a building fund,” said Waltz.

The ad claims the building fund has no employees.

It then suggests Democrats listed party employees, which it calls illegal.

“I’m certain that if Nikki Fried would be demanding the same if a Republican political entity had done the same. Bottom line is, there needs to be accountability and there needs to be transparency,” said Waltz.

There are also calls for an investigation by the Small Business Administration into the loan and whether or not it’s actually been repaid as Democrats claim.

In documents, Democrats show repaying the money to a different bank than the one that issued the loan.

We asked the SBA for status of the loan, but didn’t hear back.

We also asked the Florida Democratic Party why it isn’t releasing the application, but also did not hear back from them.


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