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Big Stakes in Georgia Election

January 5th, 2021 by Mike Vasilinda

The eyes of the entire nation are on Georgia, where voters will decide which party controls the US Senate.

Voters across the state line are well aware of what’s at stake.

A dozen Florida lawyers, volunteering for the Republican Party of Florida, were in Georgia Tuesday, ready to challenge any election irregularities.

“Well certainly, we hope that everyone here is going to be following the law and insuring that every legal vote is counted, and really, what I am hoping for is uniformity across Georgia. That we don’t see different standards being applied in different counties,” said GOP volunteer attorney Ben Gibson.

Two US Senate races and a Public Service Commission race are on the ballot.

A polling place just ten miles across the state line in Thomasville Georgia started with a strong turnout and had a steady flow of voters throughout the day.

All appeared to know the who nation was watching what they were doing.

“And for me it just falls to my ancestors. They fought for us to have the right to vote so, its only right for me, for my ancestors,” said Georgia voter Valensia Randall.

“I think we need some checks and balances in this country and if we have Democrats or any one particular party having both, then we kind of miss out on that,” said another voter, Dr. Adam Graham.

Elections officials have been counting mail in ballots for the last three weeks.

They are confident results will be known Tuesday night.

The Florida lawyers, who are in Atlanta are bracing for a long day.

“We’re really the people’s eyes and ears and the more transparency we can have for an election process, the better,” said Gibson.

More than three million votes were cast before election day.

The runoff election is being held because none of the candidates got 50 percent of the vote in November.

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