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New Effort to Curb Human Trafficking

January 12th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is recruiting businesses to train their employees on recognizing the signs of human trafficking. Her goal is to train a hundred thousand people by the end of the year. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, Florida is among the top states when it comes to calls to a  national hotline to report trafficking.

On Tuesday, police conducted random stops, looking for human trafficking victims at the state line between Florida and Alabama.

Florida ranks third in the nation in calls to to the national Human Trafficking hotline. Only  Texas and California have more. Now, Attorney General Ashley Moody is asking businesses to get involved.

“We need partners in the community” says Moody.

Moody is calling on businesses to train their employees to help spot the signs…and take action.

“We know first hand accounts where a trucker at a rest stop, knew the signs. was trained on the signs of human trafficking and rescued a victim, so we know this will work” says the Attorney General.  

Jeff Jackson is the CEO of PGT Industries, the states largest maker of windows and doors. He’s the first business to step up and train 100 percent of his employees.

“It’s an incredible blight on society, and in the US we actually have human trafficking slavery in this economy and environment” says Jackson.

The Attorney General’s goal: Train a hundred thousand people in Florida to recognize  human trafficking this year.

Jackson says once companies education themselves, it will be a no brainer.

“We drove over four point three million miles last year alone. So think about the mileage we cover and the locations we see with just that” the CEO told us.

The Attorney General says human trafficking is the number two illegal activity in the state behind drug trafficking.

If you want to know more or take a one hour training course, you can reach out to the Florida Coalition to End Human Trafficking at www.FloridaAllianceEndHT.com.

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