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Abortion Ban Ready for Full House Vote

February 10th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

Florida’s proposed ban on abortions after 15 weeks is now ready for a vote in the full House. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, opponents are angry because they believe their voices are being ignored. 

Security was exceptionally heavy, after protestors shouted down the previous committee stop last week. Sponsors Erin Grall began by describing fetal development.

“At twelve weeks gestation, an unborn child can open and close his or her fingers, starts to make sucking motions, and senses stimulation outside the womb.”

Public debate was limited to 45 seconds,. Both sides found themselves getting cut off. Madison Donnelly argued shortening the time from 26 to 15 weeks could hurt women.

“Fifteen weeks is an undue burden. Chair Colleen Burton interrupted “Ms. Donnelley, Miss Donnelley, your time is up thank you”.

The same thing happened to Ocala Doctor John Littell as he was speaking.

“To allow a mother who had not been able to achieve pregnancy for ten years to hear the heartbeat of  baby at 12 weeks is overwhelming. Its always overwhelming.” Again, an interruption. “Dr. Littell, you time is up.”

And in the end, the outcome was never in doubt.

“Show the bill reported favorably.”

The committee even finished 30 minutes early. It left opponents feeling their time had been limited on purpose.

“They don’t respect us” shouted on protestor afterward.

Then Littell, a supporter of the 15 week ban challenged opponents outside the building.

“The best way to save a babies life…cover your ears” he yelled.

The situation came close to becoming physical until Oponnent Lauren Branzel intervened stepping between Littell and an Oponnent of the abortion ban as the two shouted. 

“So tensions ar high and its really unfortunate to see them insert themselves” said Branzel, who works for Planned Parenthood.

If, and likely when this bill becomes law, abortions up to twenty-four weeks are still going to be legal Roe vs Wade, but the clock is ticking.

Florida’s ban is modeled after a Mississippi statute that has already made it to the US Supreme Court. A ruling is expected in June.

Neither the House Bill or its Senate companion contain an exception for rape or incest. Attempts to add the provision have failed.

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